I Want Someone I Can Share All My Secrets With And Have Fun

I long to have a best friend (a female) and (a male) share things about me ... someone I can rely on and who I can hug .. and help them and be there for them

I want to go shopping with my best friend and go to art galleries and concerts and garden shows ... 

I want someone I can sleep over and share a bed and not feel imposing or afraid... 

I want someone who is reliable and good natured and genuine... 

someone I can go lazing in a park with and share a coffee or a lunch 

I want to go out to night clubs and dance and meet men

I want to have a group of friends who do love me and value me

I want to have a male friend to be like a brother .. and if we get on really well we might be able to be lovers but I want to get to know them and not feel afraid

is there anyone out there at all for me? who will be my everything in a friend ... i need people I can be with in body and soul and not just on the net

I would love a man who I can get close to and not have sex forced and just be able to trust and share time...

I would love a female friend who wants to stay up and share drinks and play cards or a computer game etc

where are the good people who would be there for you and hold your hand at church and sing in choir and be with you when your relatives die 

just be a friend as friends do... 
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i would like to <br />
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be your best friend.

A person you're not afraid to share all this and more and be totally yourself