Maybe There Is Something Wrong With Me?

Or there is something wrong with the friends I choose to have. I went from having a TON in elementary but who doesn't you're friends with everyone. Then we moved out of town and I don't like the kind of people that pick on people and these girls came up to me and said not to talk to the ugly fat girl which ticked me off they like gave me an initiation bracelet well needless to say I use to have this thing where I would want to make people angry so I walked up to the fat girl and they were like Give the bracelet back I threw it in the road and told them to fetch. She was my friend until like seventh when she moved. So did we again back to where we use to live and all the friends I had were in little cliques by this point and no one was the same. I had no one but my cousin and two people I was friends with to start with which happened to be another fat girl and then a kid who did gross things so no one liked him I liked weird people. Moved again back to the place we had moved from and I had no one. I slowly made friends but then they all turned out to be like druggies and alcoholics and they all slept around and have babies from different people and are constantly complaining about everything so I am back to basically no one. The friends I have now rarely talk to me unless we are at some sort of event like church or the college group I am in. So is it me or do I pick horrible people to be friends with. I am never asked if I want to hang out or anything and I can initiate contact with people and something is always going on they cant do it or they can and then they can't something came up or they just don't even get back to me. 
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1 Response May 24, 2012

Wow, your story sounds a lot like mine - except you had a worse time of it. I didn't have so many friends turn out to be total losers, but that is probably just because I didn't have many friends period.<br />
Aside from my sister I have only had two that I could call a "best friend," and lost them both. One became my girlfriend and then later dumped me (I still don't know why) and will hardly talk to me; the other I am still good friends with but he finished school and went to another country, and is not the best at responding to emails.<br />
So I guess life is rough. But remember you are not alone.<br />
Many of my casual friends were people I didn't so much want to be friends with, but were the only people who would talk to me - I think because no one would talk to them . I just try to be nice and encourage them, and I believe that one day - if I keep giving - someone will want to give care and friendship to me.