Never Had One

I've never had a best friend. It depresses me so much because I would love to have someone in my life that I can confide in and hang out with all the time. Someone who will always be there for me. I guess I'll never have one.

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I wish our souls meet..

I likeing being in control of everyone else so I like to make out that I am the best person in the world and that I have akzillion friends and that everyone loves me beacuse Im all that but when it all said and done and Im tuked in at night im just loser jim

I know your pain. I'm extremely lonely with just 2 acquaintances at best. It's an empty, worthless feeling. I wonder, "am I really that unbearable that i can't make ONE friend, much less a best friend?" I know people who are self absorbed, fake, backstabbers, superfiial, etc and they seem to have full calendars while I (who actually try to help and be friendly and a true friend) am forgotten and discarded like a used tissue. <br />
I'm old (34) and I know that if I haven't found a friend by now, I most likely never will. Plus, to add to that, I just found out that my cousin who was mostly like my sister has stabbed me in the back and well, basically, I've lost my family as well. I'm such a sharing, open person that I'm so desperate to share that with someone, anyone... I could sure use a best friend right now.

hi...I'm 23 and I feel exactly the same as you do. Reading your words, was like reading a reflection of my mind. if you can -

i had to remind myself that i didn't write your post. I feel the same way :)

I really need a best friend, really need one. I hate the situation I'm inx

I will be your best friend :)

i want to be your best friend but i think you don,t want because i am to jong for you but can i get also your msn to talk because i like to talk with people from another countries i like that its cool joke XD i have so much lol about nothing i think i am crazzy. i came from holland that little country in europe<br />
but please will you sent comments if you lilke it bye xxx

Lets see, in my whole entire life sad to say I've never had one either. And to be honest, this late in life I doubt I'll ever make one. All I've had are mostly acquaintances, or people that would make the word "friend" seem so fake. I also wish for there to be someone where whenever I'm bored I could just give them a call and hang out and share my day, or tell things that I've only kept to myself confidently believing that there is at least one person out there who I could trust to tell. I'm not gonna try to sugar coat anything and/or try to give you hope with words that can be only said so easily ex. "I'm sure that there is someone out there who will be your BEST FRIEND!!!" But what I can say for sure from the bottom of my heart is that you are not alone as there are others who undoubtedly feel your pain.

I had a best friend for a while, then she completely turned against me and hurt me more than I thought possible. Now I think I'm afraid to get close to anyone like that again, but I'm lonely all the time.

wow it is so weird to hear someone say this because it is exactly how I feel. Losing my friend was worse then any break up I have even been through and it sounds so dumb to say. please feel free to message me if you are still on here

no i don t think so^^ im sure u ll find someone who 'll be there for u:)don t lose your hope!:D