I Want A True Friend, I Mean A Bff :)

Well, i had a best friend since year 3. I love her *friends thingy* and we always share things, hangout, sing and dance together but i think I'm a little tough on her sometimes cause people sometimes does get mad right? When we're just grade 6, she got mad at me or something that she left me alone then she made new friends, like best friend. I was so sad so i talked to my teacher then he help us out.
This school year was the same, we moved school together to a brand new school, first few days we were sticking together like a magnet because i only have her there. Then next few days she made new friends, well, thats great but since then i think i lost her... She has a new best friend and she was pretty, nice, really good at almost everything and i've got to admit that bout those things, I'm a failure. She left me alone at school, we never sit together, didn't even talk to me. They laughed, they play, they had fun :( Im having a deep mixed feeling right now that i just wanted to break down and cry. You've got to imagine, me walking alone at school, nobody cares. and i swear i didn't do anything bad to them.
two times like this, i think I'm a bad friend :( but i just want somebody to understand me, share things, hanging out and to be call a TRUE BEST FRIEND!
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You're welcome =)
I remember when our school joined another how everyone was making new friends and drifting from old friends too. If y'all were friends for years there is no way she forgot you and is closer to her new friend as she is to you. Just keep being her friend like before and talk to her and be with her if she doesn't do it first. Maybe y'all can become 3 way bffs? Remember a bff is a best friend forever, even if you aren't very close now you will probably be in the future =)

I'm sorry you feel this way. It may seem hard but maybe you should just talk to people and make new friends. Talk to family your age and to your old bff and her friends. They won't be mean to you for no reason. Also think possibly about things because if you continue to think negatively you will attract negative back.

thank you so much :)
and no they didn't mean to me, its just how my old bff forget me that fast after 5 years and got a new bff just after talking to her.