No One To Talk To.

I really have no one to talk to anymore. My love and I were chatting the other night, reflecting on who in our lives we could truly call friends, and how many people we would trust with our lives. Even he said " don't have any friends at all." Aside from him, I have no one. No one who likes me. No one to turn to and

I think it's mostly because I am so particular. I don't want petty conversations about how our day is going unless it's because some major thing happened in it. I don't want someone who has no depth at all... I just want someone I can trust, someone I enjoy talking to and mentally being around. Someone I can trust myself with. And that's just too high of an order.
ShadowHowl ShadowHowl
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

Totally agree. All I have is my boyfriend. We've been together 4 years and moved away from all of our family and acquaintances. Now it's just us! I would love to have a best friend like the one you described.