Do You Remember?

I wanna know if you remember all the times we spent together
And how I was never alone it was always a "we"
Or that day we layed on the ground and how you promised you'd never forget me
Even if we were in a fight I knew out of everyone I still had you by my side
You never had to speak cause all I need to do was look into your eyes
I miss you being my bestfriend
I miss you being my homie
I miss you calling me fruitstand
I hate being lonely
I miss Those inside jokes and the only one that got them was you
Or the post you would put on my wall calling me your boo
I miss you being there
My partner in crime
Tell me do you remember those times..
iamj iamj
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

No but give me the chance and i will remember if you want a friend that is