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Too Many People Keep Leaving

It hurts me, to think I might have actually made a friend only to find that when I really need someone I'm all alone. I've never had a friend that I can have fun with and count on. For some reason I only find one of the 2. To me having a friend is about is important as having family. Someone I can say anything to and know that we'll be closer because of it. Whether through a fight or helping to encourage eachother. Theres a guy friend I have that I so wish was a girl. Most of friends are guys because I'm pretty used to men coming and going in my life. But when a women does it, well, I just feel abandoned and unwanted. I get along with this guy friend and I probably want to hang out with him more than he wants to with me, but he's everything I want from a friend. But he feels awkward about being that close to me because I'm married. Which I have no problem with, but if I had a girlfriend like that I would feel better hanging out and actually doing things.

I am pretty independent but I really rely on people emotionally. Being married has really cut off a lot of the lonely feelings I have, but deep down there are somethings that can't replace a best friend (that you have no romantic interest with).
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I have to agree on the "being married" part where it gets harder to find true friends. Although my best friends are my wife, my brother and an actual friend that I've known for years. I wouldnt mind developing another female best friend besides my wife just because its nice to have another female perspective on daily talks, but she would have to be at least really good friends with my wife for us to get along.
As for looking for that best guy friend and since you are married, you should take your husband's feelings into account and find a guy best friend who also are on great terms with your husband. That way, there are no misunderstandings. In order to have that co-op relationship, you would be friends with him first, gauge his personality and then introduce him to your husband in some social setting and hopefully they hit it off and then continue repeating the process until your husband is totally ok with him. Anyway, thats just my opinion. Never want a misunderstanding..then you'll have larger problems.
Good luck.

I believe so too. I take friendships very seriously although I'm still young. You are a wonderful lady! We can be friends if you don't mind the age difference!!! For some weird reason my friends are always older than me...