Too Many People Keep Leaving

It hurts me, to think I might have actually made a friend only to find that when I really need someone I'm all alone. I've never had a friend that I can have fun with and count on. For some reason I only find one of the 2. To me having a friend is about is important as having family. Someone I can say anything to and know that we'll be closer because of it. Whether through a fight or helping to encourage eachother. Theres a guy friend I have that I so wish was a girl. Most of friends are guys because I'm pretty used to men coming and going in my life. But when a women does it, well, I just feel abandoned and unwanted. I get along with this guy friend and I probably want to hang out with him more than he wants to with me, but he's everything I want from a friend. But he feels awkward about being that close to me because I'm married. Which I have no problem with, but if I had a girlfriend like that I would feel better hanging out and actually doing things.

I am pretty independent but I really rely on people emotionally. Being married has really cut off a lot of the lonely feelings I have, but deep down there are somethings that can't replace a best friend (that you have no romantic interest with).
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1 Response Feb 9, 2013

I believe so too. I take friendships very seriously although I'm still young. You are a wonderful lady! We can be friends if you don't mind the age difference!!! For some weird reason my friends are always older than me...