I Need a Best Friend

I need new friends. I dropped all. they're not good for me.

Who wants to be my new best friend??? anyone?

I'm accepting applications now!!!

sensational sensational
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8 Responses Feb 2, 2009

I like your blog i need a friend too i have never really had friends because people say im too mean ...

If you need a friend im here

is there somebody in here? i mean..i really need a best friend and i think that a stranger who does not know you at all is the best friend you cand have..

If you need a bestfriend i am here

I will be your new best friend XD i had to leave mine when i moved and we lost connection :C I am: Crazy, wild, GREAT listner, really talkative, funny,nice and awesome XD

Why thank you, you are a very wise individual... I can tell.<br />
<br />
Over the few years I learned the values of friendsship, and yes good people are very rare to come across =]<br />
<br />
Thanks for the advice

Dear Sensational ,<br />
<br />
You sounds a very nice and talented person who the other people doesnt know the value of your friendship .<br />
let me tell you something ,<br />
<br />
People now days they just dont want friends for friendship , they want them for bad things ..<br />
<br />
and those good people who you will find will be rare and very rare ,<br />
<br />
so my best advice to u my dear is to pick smoothly and you should decide who can be your friend or not to be ..<br />
<br />
and from me .. <br />
<br />
i would love to be your friend if you wanted to .<br />
<br />
thanks and regards :)<br />
<br />
with Love,<br />


I see we're in the same boat! I'll accept you're application if you accept mine!