Gettin' By....

The guy I dated in college was the best friend I ever had. I didn't realize at the time how much we supported each other. We were both college athletes, we had similar family styles, and we saw eye to eye on almost everything. I've never found anyone since then who had so many similar experiences or interests as I did. We spent most of our time together. We did the stupidest things together... If a movie we loved had a sequel that had just been released, we would watch the first one, then go to the movie theater and watch the sequel, like one big movie marathon. We would go for day-long road trips together. The nights we weren't together, we would call each other and say "What's on TV?" Then we'd watch TV together over the phone, talking about what just happened on the program. So stupid! When we tried to move away together after college, it fell apart, which was totally my fault. I wasn't mature enough to handle the change, and he wasn't mature enough to handle my immaturity. I know that in the end, it wouldn't have worked out between us because of some huge religion differences (he had no religion.) But 6 years, 2 moves,  and 1500 miles later, I find that I've never had that kind of friend again. Don't get me wrong--I don't think it's him I long for. But, I long for somebody who understands me that way again. Even the man I'm engaged to doesn't have that level of understanding with me. Maybe he would if I would let go of the past. At any rate, I've isolated myself a lot in the past few years, allowed myself to become a workaholic, and I'm paying for it. I think I'm a pretty cool person. I just miss a best friend.

tulipgal tulipgal
Jun 25, 2009