You All Suck!

Several days ago I posted my story hoping for someone elses opition-NO ONE RESPONDED-NO ONE REPLIED!  I have no friends, no family, no one to talk to, no one to confide in, NOTHING!  I guess this just confirms that I AM TOTALLY ALONE in this world.  I can't even make friends in cyber space!  What a LOSER I am.

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I don't think telling people they suck is a very good way to get friends, but sometimes we all say things we don't mean - so I'll be your friend. Just type me back.

Wekk your not alone sweetie. I want to make friends to, and by the way you ARE NOT a loser. please don' say that. .I was jst looking for old classmates ,and i found one from my child hood, we messaged back and forth for 2 days straight ,,,,,,, now nohing, i don't know if he's busy wih the holiday shopping,or what but you know at leasst write back and say ....i'm busy right now and i'll talk to you in a couple days......bu you see you make friends here and hen they dissapere.<br />
<br />
a lose is a person who is homeless ,and begs for money, food, cigaretes,and tryies to live off of everybody eles income, a freeloader of sort. are you that no your not. your a good person just trying to be friendly. if you get this please contac me and i'll talk to you everyday if you want.ok

Hello to you too. <br />
<br />
Many of us are to here to explore "our personal experiences". We blog to ourselves and explore the likes, loves and losses along the way. Reading others experiences and commenting when we have something useful to say but not expecting attention. <br />
<br />
Those who are looking for attention, have to actively look for it and solicit it. Take some of the advice from above and send a message to those that have similar likes and dislikes as you. <br />
Let people know what you want to meet someone here who wants and needs the same thing. <br />
<br />
People like me are trying to figure things out about ourselves and so read others experiences to learn new ways to think, to be reminded that there are differing points of view and that we are not alone. To be comforted by the knowledge that although we are alone physically, that here at EP there are others of the same mind and or heart wallowing in depression, or attempting to climb out of it, learning to survive it or those who have succeeded in beating it.<br />
And there are those who just enjoy hanging out on-line talking about their life experiences and making and sharing new ones. <br />
Cyberspace is not a place to have your mind read..... Ask for what you want. Then be willing to wait for a response.<br />
<br />
Welcome to EP.

you only THINK you're alone! if i were 'no family, no friends" , then i could proudly say 'i'm alone'.<br />
how would you like to have friends and family and still be alone? I do have a sister, but she<br />
lives 3 hours away. ok, that's not really a lot, but it is if you don't have your own car. plus i have a<br />
job 40 hours a week.. i spend my off time with a woman who cares more for HER family and<br />
very little for me. she thinks we're 'too old' for cuddling or holding hands or any of everything<br />
thats associated with love. i'll be your friend if you'll be mine.... well, i'll be your friend even if<br />
you won't be mine.

If you ever have time, follow the 'feed' of recent stories here on EP. There is a lot going on here, and it's easy for your contribution to slip by, especially if you don't know many people yet. Early on, when there wasn't as much going on in my circle, I used to go 'random commenting' (see the 'Experiences' menu). It finds comment-less stories and you can often find some real gems that no-one has had a chance to comment on yet. You wonder why, but I don't think there's any deep reason. Just too many stories, not enough people reading them. Stick with it.

The same has happened to me. Don't take it personally. It takes time to make friends in RL or in cyberspace. You are worthy of love and friendship ;-)

are you kidding me? do you seriously feel left alone? you should start being pessimistically optimistic. I have been left alone many times, but rather than dip in my own sorrow, I look at the bright side of the situation. I may be young, but I have gone through a hard time trying to find someone to befriend, the best way to get someone's attention is to act naturally and not desperate. The probability of them visiting unexpectedly is directly proportioned to how much you feel like being left alone. Don't give up!!! Look at the bright side of being alone! You can do whatever you want. Start by looking for a hobby that doesn't include people, such as walking around a lake, swinging in a swing at a local park, or if you live in the backcountry, go out exploring. But please don't feel like you are being left alone... It is not natural. Write a diary. Putting stuff down on pencil is an amazing way to cope, and if someone tells you to go to a psychologist, say no. The only things a psychologist does are take away your money and ask you about your past.<br />
<br />
You are amazing and unique. I am not going to mention God since I am agnostic, but if you look in the right places, there might be someone who shares your likes and dislikes. If you really want friends to help you out, right after finishing this reply I will add you to my circle. Just remember that no matter how bad you feel, there is always going to be a light that will guide you towards the exit of the dark tunnel.

Sometimes I feel the same way. Need a friend, send me a message. You'll be the first in my circle. You are not a loser. You are one of God's children. I feel worthless all the time. I have been on this website for a couple of days now and am feeling the same way. But I realized that sometimes you have to reach out too. Check out my blog for this is my only way to heal.