Is It Me?


I have moved From montreal Canada to Florida.

And I've been here for about a year and 3 months now.

I have a boyfriend. But i have no Friends that i can relate to.

No one that Has the same interests as me.

The only person I've wanted to be friends with is my Bf's Sisters Gf.

But she is more my Bf's friend than mine.

In the beginging she didnt even like me!


I wouldnt even mind just ONE friend.

But i want a best friend u know?

Someone u can tell everything too.

I even posted a Letter on Craigs List.

Its really depressing to be someone so long and still have no one thats similar to u.

Swansonchaos Swansonchaos
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5 Responses Mar 16, 2009

im in fl and wanna talk to you!!!!

@imreallyamermaid <br />
your right... thank you for reminding me. :)

we can be long distance friends! As a black woman it's hard for me to find other sistas who are interested in grand theft auto and miami vice ( I love the 80's ). I'm such a dork and a nerd! I don't like too many down to earth shows or music!

Maybe your boyfriend is your best friend :)

Cheer friends are over-rated and romanticized by movies and tv....most adults are busy, and cultivating new friends takes time...many carry with them into adulthood the friends they had in hs or college...those who claim to be best friends with the person that lives down the hall that they just met 3 months ago are confusing friendship with knowing someone...<br />
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When I had this same complaint once, I was told I needed to BE a friend in order to HAVE a friend...damn, did that irritate me....but, once I stopped focusing on my loneliness and started listening to the people around me, seeing the opportunities that had been there all along, I began to build some relationships...even the kind where we talk on the phone and hang out every once in a while...mind you, I'm married with 4 children, so I don't have a lot of phone or hang-out time....But, the point I am getting to is that BEING a friend actually worked...I had to stop focusing on me and look outward....<br />
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If your scope is limited...few neighbors...few co-workers....then join a gym, sign up for a class, volunteer somewhere...expand the people in your circle...or, start striking up a conversation with the woman who always checks out your groceries at the supermarket...there are 6.5 billion people on the planet...I am certain you will find a friend....good luck!....peace...SS