When Will I Get It.

I want a better life. There are parts of my life that seem to be getting so much better, my relationship with my husband. This is the best it has ever been in 23 yrs. The sex, the love, the openness, everything. We take more time out for us. We know what we want out of life.

BUT, everything else is still the same. Still struggling through life, still broke (always broke), still living in just barely a roof over our heads, a landlord/owner that is screwing us over, And Still one major stressor in our lives. Im tired. Im tired of worring about money, how long can we keep this place, who is going to screw us over next.

I am so ready to start living our lives that we planned when we got married. Travel, romance, fun, doing something worth while, being somebody, and of course the life of luxurary. (Sorry for the spelling) We dont want or expect to be millionaires but we do want to live a happy, meaningful, passionate life.

We Are Ready!
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I would like to give it to you now. I want to give it to you every day. I know life is VERY stressful right now, but the good news is we are free and we are in each others arms. That is the only place in the world I want to be. In your arms. Inside you. Beside you. I wish I could take away all your fears. I wish I could make all our dreams come true. I wish I could be more successful and give you all the things you want for us to fulfill our fantasies, but I also feel I have failed you. Since we both joined EP, our sex life has exploded, I have opened my heart and soul and exposed all my fantasies to you. I trust you with them. I know there are guys who will see this. I know there are a few you would like to meet. I know there are guys falling in love with you. I'm not dumb. I can see the excitement in your eyes and words. But I want to be the ONLY love of your life. I am a little jealous of some of them because I would fall for some of them if I were a woman. Please believe me when I say I never want to do ANYTHING to hurt you or turn you away. Please stay with me and we WILL get it. I promise I will never stop trying to please you and to love you. I dedicate my life to you and ONLY you. I love you my Princess.

Never let money or the lack there of prevent you from doing what you really want to do.

Ocngirl...I can only say I feel and completely understand your pain. My husband and I are in the same boat..Totally thought we would be in a different place at this point in our lives. Married 23 years, two kids (both in college), a dog and nice house. But struggling to pay the bills...more now than ever before. Hubby had a quadruple bypass a little over a year ago...needed to make some drastic changes in his life. So quit the job he had for last 18 years, which he hated with a passion and then started selling realestate (which he loves). The stress was literally killing him, but because of the loss of the regular salary he had, its just put us in this situation we're in right. I wouldn't ever ask him to go back to the regular job...But really sucks we are in the position we're in now. So my advise to you is what I tell myself everyday, "It will get better!"

hugs cuddles. and hoping life get just that bit better for you, and never give up on your hopes and dreams for one day it all could come true. as for now as long as you got good health then the rest can wait just a bit longer

strecth your legs as much as the mat is goes a saying. Everything in this world is imaginary and the love life between you and your spouse is eternal nothing goes against it. you are the richest among the richest cos money ain bring love it only bring misery and money cant buy love. Stand by you ocngirl. God bless you

To have that kind of love and to be able to share all your deep feelings with one another is a gift in itself and something that others struggle so hard to find in life. <br />
Everytime the fear of finances comes to you, stop and redirect it to dwell on the love you have in your life. We have one foot out the door to homelssness right now, but he pulls into himself and all I see is the outline of his body, a shadow of himself, playing video games and not talking.<br />
They say "The meek shall inherit the earth," I hope it happens soon.

your spelling is fine , be happy with what you have and enjoy every thing , life is for living not enduring. wish you all the best

Your already a millionaire if you have that love with your spouse. love is only part of it. If you and your spouse are also friends...... put that together......You have won!!<br />
<br />
Times are very tough...The stress sometimes get to all of us. God only knows how the stress of being here and the stress from home sometimes almost kills me.... but must keep that friendship alive and it is very hard.<br />
<br />
Romance can be found anywhere... Carpet picnics romantic dinners in the back yard... games by candle light....<br />
<br />
Just hang in there and find those small moments that carries you through....when times are tough.......

All I can give you is my eternal love and devotion. I will be with you and love you forever. I love you more than life itself. I would die for you. I would take on an army for you. I would give all I have for you. But I can't change other people. I am sorry I have failed you. I wish I could take it all away, but I can't. I've lead you down the wrong pth and now we are suffering because of it. The justice system sucks. Landlords suck. The government sucks. Wall street sucks. People who worship money suck. Our rabbi sucks. If I could steal you away to a place where there were no ********, I would do it in an instant, but I don't know where that place is. You deserve a life full of happiness and joy and passion and love. Recently you have opened my heart and I have poured out my love for you. You have turned me into a man I never knew I could be. I feel strong with you, but I'm not strong enough. I will never stop trying and fighting for you. I will never stop loving you. I jyst wish I could do better. I wish I could say we deserve each other, but I feel you deserve better than me. I pray to G-d every day and night and thank G-d for sending you to me. You are an angel. But I also pray to G-d to have our troubles taken way, and that doesn't seem to be happening. Please forgive me, my Princess. I love you.

Dale Carnegie says that we do not attract financial security becuase even if we spend all day thinking postive we lat our heads down on the pillow at night and worry ourselves sick. He says this sends mixed messgaes and negates all of our hard work. It sends conficting messages and delays the reward. Makes sense. We attract into our lives what our mindset represents. <br />
Dont feel alone, I am right there next to you in the boat. He says the mindset you are in today reflects your future. Easy? Hell no! LOL