My Life At Younger Years & Now

When I was 9 I had found out that my parents were having some major issues in their marriage, my father was having an affair on my Mom I had to grow up fast to be there for my Mom and my little sister. My Mom would get a phone call and when she would answer the person ont he other end would hang up well shortly after that my father would walk in the door well it became a pattern every night the call would come through and he would walk in the door. When I was 12 my parents divorce came through. After all of the issues I dealt with and having to grow up quickly come to find out I had badly anxiety/panic attacks and to this day I still deal with some mental issues. (having anxiety,panic,and major deprssion) I do blame my father for this because maybe none of this would have happened with me if I did not know everything that went on. I did not want much to do with my father and his wife because of what had happen so needless to say I was a Mommy's girl. Now here I am to this day and I still have issues with my father {{{NEEDLESS to say he DOESN'T want to be a FATHER to me and that hurts}}} I want a better lifears
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36-40, F
Mar 5, 2012