Positive Thinking: Deepest Roots

People these days speak a lot about thinking positive, but without really knowing the TRUE meaning of positive thinking. Being Positive is not all about pretending everything is okay. It is about turning a negative experience into a positive one by find a lesson or reward in what happen to you. Notice how people something turns blessings into curse by focusing on what they don't want? For example, one of my friends miss the max bus and left his wallet on the bus. Because of that misshapen he met a guy who soon became his best friend. I guess you can say you must lose a blessing to get a big one sometimes. Anyway he could focus on losing his wallet or he could focus on his new friend. Which one are you? Do you focus on your losts or your gains. You may not have much, buy you will always have something.

All of us pretty much know what to do when we come across a bad experience. The problem is sticking with it! Right? We sometimes forget to be positive, we lose hope or you don't feel real. Well the objective of being positive is to do it so much it becomes a habit. That is your goal. The question is how to do that?


First you will want to get this in your subconscious mind. This is where over 70% of your thinking is done. This can be compared to a hard drives because just like the brain it stores movies (experiences), pictures ( people, places, and objects), Documents (words) and etc. You maybe can delete things from the recycle bin but it will still be on the computer somewhere. So, The point is not to fight against neg. exp. (delete) but, to fight for what you do want (download good stuff). Their are so many ways to get into your subconscious mind. Just look up things like auto-suggestions, suggestion, hypnosis, and visualization. My most favorite and the easiest to use to me is the Subliminal Flash software. it flashes pos. messages on the screen so quickly that only the subconscious mind can see them. Soon everything that flashes in front of you will be true. Make sure you know how to use it before you make your own suggestion! If you want to try it, just use a search engine to find the website that has it.

After that keep things the they are by using signs to help remind you who you are and hang around more positive people. These people will help keep you on your feet when times go bad. Also you will pick up their good habits.

That should be enough to get you started on growing your self-esteem.

If you have any questions don't be afraid to holla back

evol em, ksa em noitseuq, u evah meetse-fles

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2 Responses Apr 27, 2008

sometimes the fallen flesh thinks it was robbed of a blessing, when infact our Lord has our true blessings already set before us. Trust our maker and recieve from him what his loving design is given to us by his grace. Wait on him and trust in his mercy and grace.

You have a lot of wisdom- thanks for sharing it!