Would That Have Made Him Happy?

I have always been happy with my breast size, but my recently divorced husband had an affair with a woman with implants, I wonder if it would have made any difference.
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3 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Nothing wrong with your boobs they are very lickable and natural which is the way they are supposed to be. Thanks for adding me so that I can admire them

Seems like you're ex is showing some seriously bad taste... splitting with you and having an affair with a woman who has implants...how phony is that....My soon to be ex is pretty phony, too...Perfect for your ex just as you would be perfect with me....

you shouldn't beat yourself up over the past if it is really over.... I will telll you what most men are conditoned by to society to not admit; bigger without being grosteque will always make a difference.. How much ? Depends on the man. Had y'all talked about it before? How long between him bringing it up and dating the other woman ? How long had you two been having problems ? More things go into the answer besides yes...In general, however, the answwer is yes, no doubt...Alpha men are visual.