Sexy Massage

Another story for you. This one isn't about exhibitionism so much but it's definitely X-rated. I would have shared this one earlier but I wanted to make sure it was okay with the other guy before I did.

I met a guy at a party and got chatting in a casual way about what we did for a living. He was a professional masseuse so I was asking him questions about what it was like. I was especially interested in whether he felt tempted to let his hands stray if he was massaging a hot naked woman and whether he'd ever turned a massage into something more interesting. He told me the place he worked had a zero-tolerance policy and if he ever tried anything he'd lose his job. He opened up quite a bit and admitted that there were some women he was really tempted by and he had a few clients that he had to **** before he saw in order to keep sane. He said he had sexual fantasies about massaging a girl and taking it further. Now I love a good massage so I told him I'd do him a deal. If he gave me a good massage I'd let him do whatever he liked to me afterwards. As long as I left feeling relaxed and pampered he could do what he liked. He thought this was a fantastic idea and told me he had a portable table at his house so we could do it there and take as long as we liked.

Later when I was leaving the party (I'd kept my clothes on, it wasn't that sort of party) he was leaving too. He bent down to say goodbye to me in my car and looked down my top and told me he was looking forward to giving me a massage. I pulled down my top and told him to wet his appetite. He reached in for a feel and told me it was getting him rock hard. I asked him to show me and he stood up and pressed his crotch up against the open window. I had a feel and found he was hard (and a good size). It would have gone further but other people came so he pulled away.

When I went for my massage he had everything set up like a professional. White towels on a massage table and oils set out. I asked if he wanted a ***** show first but he wanted me to enact his fantasy so he asked if I could behave like a regular client. So he left the room and I got undressed and lay naked on my front with a towel covering my bum. He came back in and for what felt like ages he gave me a really good professional massage. He really worked my shoulders and back and it felt fantastic. I forgot all about the sex side of things until he started to work on my lower back and his hands started to explore a bit further than the base of the back. The towel was accidentally knocked off and he asked if I minded. I said I didn't and he massaged my legs and bum. He told me he couldn't normally give such a relaxing massage to the gluts because it meant touching the "NO TOUCH ZONE" but because I didn't have a no touch zone he could really give me a much better massage. When his fingers strayed to between my legs he started giving me a bit of a stroke and told me that was definitely a no touch zone. I told him it was my "PLEASE TOUCH ZONE" and he laughed.

Once he'd done my back he put the towel back on and asked me to roll over. He had a towel positioned so it covered my front and even managed to do it so I rolled over without him seeing. When I was on my front he held my head in his hands and massaged my neck. It was amazingly relaxing and for a while I forgot everything again. He finished and moved around to massaging the front of my legs. When he walked around I realized he'd taken his pants off at some point and I hadn't noticed. He was rock hard and stroking himself. I spread my legs as much as possible and he lifted the towel up to give himself a good view. Once he'd finished he took the towel away and I lay there naked on my back. He started to massage my **** in a way that I'm sure wasn't in any masseuse manual but I enjoyed almost as much as he did. He had amazing hands and I was getting incredibly wet. At that point he could have done anything he liked to me. He asked if I was wet and when I said I was he moved his hand to my crotch and started stroking me. Normally nobody can ********** me better than I can but this guy was amazing. I reached out and started giving him a hand job but he was so good at what he was doing I couldn't keep it going I was having so much pleasure. I came with one of his hands inside me and the other rubbing my boobs. Once I'd orgasmed I sat up ready to help him out but he asked me to lie back down so he could **** on my ****. I lay down feeling unbelievable relaxed and not long afterwards felt warm drops on my breasts.

We did the same thing quite a few more times after that, always exactly the same way. He's moved interstate now and he's got a girlfriend but I did give him a going away present before he left. He mentioned once that his new sexual fantasy was continuing on where we started at the end of the party when I was in the car. I arranged to meet him after work one day and told him where I'd be parked. I'd chosen a secluded spot and when he walked up to the driver’s side I wound down my window and showed him my blouse which I'd unbuttoned to reveal my braless chest. He reached in and had a good feel for a while. When he stood up he'd already taken his **** out and he lent against the car which left it at the perfect height. I gave him a blow job and let him finish on my ****. We said goodbye and I drove home with a chest covered in ***.
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Wow, quite the massage!

i would like to suckyour hot boobs whole night.

That was so hot... would love to have that experience. You're so lucky.

That is an amazing story! I'm very jealous :)

U are so lucky

Wow Wow,,,great story , I love massage and I will do the same to you . I have few good stories , I'm a man enjoyed giving and taking massage from sexy girls , enjoy your day , Daves79

Mmmmm, I feel a lot more relaxed after the **** I just had....Thanks for the stimulation.

Oohh...sounds story!

Amazing story. I would love for my wife to let her masseuse to this to her.

Wow, that was horny, now my **** is dripping.

i wish i could find a woman that would not mind to show there breast, but no woman well.