Had One In Thailand ...

not on purpose, but i got a massage in thailand at a day spa, and she treated my breasts as if it was any other part of the body. needless to say i was surprised, but i enjoyed it thoroughly. very relaxing and felt fantastic. i highly recommend it. 

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9 Responses Feb 15, 2010

I loooove boob massages... I wish I could get them every day!!!

*sing* One night in Bangkok makes a 'drunk girl' happy... ;)

From everything I have heard and read I simply MUST get to Thailand one day soon!!!

Did you try a soapie! Highly recommended. Wrote about it too.

I didn't know that sort of thing happened. Sounds hot.

What a great topic! Who knew all us rookies were really doing something that is done by professionals?

hey drunkgirlmarie if you or any one here open this bussines in TX I would like to help, same as 1sarahmiles.... Im sure I would like to give it a tray.

Will try that for sure! Thanks for the info.

I'd heard it was an Asian thing, thanks for validating