The Shades Of Grace By Karla Reeves

Our friend Lunnas..Karla, has finishes her inspirational book.  I hope you will all share a glass of Champagne with me..start the Bar-B-Q and  have some fun.  I've known her for a couple of years on EP. She has had her trials and tribulations. Never will you meet a sweeter person. I support you now  and  when we first met.    You are special.   That said...I'll spin the tunes and you can tell us a bit about your book. Oh, I will be at your signing if you get to Toledo!   Can you sing?  Karaoke anyone?   I'll sing  "We are la,     I got all my sisters with me".    So cool !!     yes
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what stores will it be sold in?

I wanted to let you all know my first book came in!!!

ty ty brutmystik<br />
please pinch me i am i dreaming . <br />
its funny i dreamed last night i was having a book synging party<br />
where are you at brutmystik? i may try to come to your state ! <br />
i am working on putting a book tour together . i may be in your town soon.

Three Cheers for Lunnas!!!

ty Torrie ,<br />
I love you too(huggsss) you know your a very special young lady . <br />
I am so blessed and honered to be called your moma . I have prayed for a daughter for 13 years <br />
and god's blessed me with you . befor for you were born god showed me a vision and i knew befor your born what you would look like . you are such a treasure in my life every day i give thanks for you<br />
and i also give thanks to god for you also donald you too are such a blessing in my life , you are more than just the love of my life but my very best friend . i am so blessed to have a wonderful husband and daughter . thank you all for supporting me on my book writting

wtg mom!!! my mom's hero !!! mom I knew you could write <br />
a book!! mom it took something that you've shown me<br />
great strength . I love you mom. I am so proud to call you<br />
my mom. love you Torrie

I love the neat how it just popped up & fits you perfectly.I'm going to read it for sure.

wise my friend you are truly the best!!!<br />
i feel like the turtle i am i keep getting back up no matter what with gods help.<br />
let me tell everyone a little why i choose the title THE SAHDES OF GRACE ,my daughter victoria<br />
and her boy friend helped me with the title , i told both of them about my book , and chris spoke up why not shades of grace ? i said why not . in the cover of the book i wrote a thank you too them<br />
and my life i life is by the grace of god . i feel like god has favor with me i dont know why but , my book is my very life .

yeah i'll sing dont know how well i can sing wise .<br />
i'll tell hurtatwork and my daughter her is on ep too , i can anit not stopping us now!!<br />
i raise my glass and say yeah its a dream come true and most of all god is good. donald has helped me with gods grace live my very dream! iam working on 3 more book talking about childhood abuse and vimostic volince , the 3 book will be about donald and i . i cant wait !! but i will be doing book tours and if all my ep family will let me know what town they are in i can be sure to come to your town , my signaugre will be a hot pink, like mary kay shes got her light pink ive got my bright pink. <br />
i love all you my ep family !!

Yes..she is a person of strength..a light that couldn't be diminished.

Finally the book is out!! Praiiiiiise God!!<br />
<br />
Mum, you occupy a very big part of my heart..the type of person you are amazes me and what you went through and yet still had the strength to get out that powerful never cease to surprise me. The encouragement I personally get from your words mean a lot to me. I know your book will be a great inspiration to many as the author has well put it already...<br />
<br />
Thanks Don for the photograph on the book cover and the shades behind it...I just knew that was your work...The two of you are a blessed pair...I'm impressed by your example..Me and my wife are taking lessons from you...<br />
<br />
I love this hardworking sweet lady together with the loving husband...I wish them ALL the best in life....La La La La infinity..<br />
<br />
My order is on the way!!<br />
<br />
"Son" Naphtal<br />
Saudi Arabia

Add my best wishes la la.