The Shades Of Grace

If any one wants to buy my book
then type in the shades of grace by karla reeves
i set a goal of getting my book published , wow i cant belive it i did it !!
I got up at church and spoke about my book . i am going to go to the domsitc womens
shelters and take my daughter i am going to speak to the ladys about domsitc volince
and being a surviver of abuse , iam going to also give my books to the ladys . so i think
 god's got plans for me to speak to the women in women shelters to speak out
hope ,grace and healing . becalse after all iam the face of abuse but i am a surviver too and iam
proof that god can show you grace in healing in your life . my book the shades of grace i live it daly
 i have a wonderful husband and marrage and he adopted my daughter . hes a great man donald.
i live my life to be a example to survive things in life , i am teaching my daughter that you dont have to put up
with anyone laying a hand on you . i am not treaching her to hate men , but iam teaching her to be a strong woman
to be compassanet to others .

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thank you so much !! you maded me blush