Never Been Kissed...

I am an 18 year old girl and I have never had a boyfriend. I am terrible at flirting. It's embarrassing to me because people make fun of me for being single my whole life. I wouldn't consider myself ugly, nor do I think myself to be absolutely beautiful. But I don't know why I have never been in a relationship. Will I ever have a boyfriend?
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I've never had a girlfriend, and I'm 21 :| So I know where you're coming from. Feeling loved and wanted is something special, and it's something I plan to do for a girl when I actually have a girlfriend.

You sound like you are a well adjusted young woman. I don't think 18 is old for never having been kissed, or having a boyfriend. Listen to my friend DavesDaughter, she knows what she is talking about. What you have done, by waiting, is saved yourself a bunch of trouble. NOW you are entering adulthood. Be yourself. The right young MAN will notice you and you will notice him. My baby sister didn't date until she was nearly 20. She dated one man, they married, have two teenagers, and I promise you, he is a GREAT guy. I mean unbelievable great. Enjoy life.... and be patient.... good things, and good people will come your way.

Your whole life at 18 may seem like a long trip but do not lose heart. when the time it right you will be kissed and then another whole saga begins.

You're only 18 years old, of course you will find someone. Actually you will find many someones before you find the one. <br />
I am around the same age as you and i have dated many boys, but thats what they were. Boys. Anything under 18 is too young to find a real man.<br />
<br />
Never give up.