I Hate Mah Lyfe

ma lyfe is so hectic atm coz ma tudal died D:
i av tryd everyfin 2 fill da void 4 ma turdal
so i fort id get a bf
but no1 eva talkz 2 me coz im fat and hav acne
nd im ginga... and coz i alwaiiz chattin bowt ma turdal
nd cryin at skewl wen i see sumfink tht remindz me ov him D:
but u noe.. ize well nyce no1 wntz 2 get 2 noe

boiz.. am single *** get mehh b4 itz 2 latee!!!!?!?!?!!!!
LuCyBaBeZzoxx LuCyBaBeZzoxx
5 Responses Jul 13, 2010

type properly.<br />
that might get you a boyfriend.


Might want to brush up on your English skills b/c not understanding you is the first problem you need to address.

Oh gosh! please explain yourself better! I would really like to help you, I understand you lost something thats a big part of you, but what's going on exactly?

Why is your life so hectic ? do yo think a boy friend will solve what you are going through right now?