I Seriously Need A Boyfriend

It honestly seems impossible for me to get a guy to like me. I have alot of guy friends but pretty much all of them are in realationships and I dont even like them that way. I think I know what my problem is though when I see someone I like sometimes I feel like they wont like me back or think im ugly or something and that I shouldnt even try and attempt because they wont like me the same way. But I'm finally figuring out that I need to get the **** over my fear and be me and if that guy doesnt like me for me then hes a piece of **** and isnt worth my time anywayz. Do you guyz know what I mean?
xogiggles101ox xogiggles101ox
1 Response Jul 15, 2010

Hell yea! You shouldn't change for guy. For no one! You are who you are and you won't be changed! :)