Is There Something Wrong With Me?

Ok, so this is kind of embarassing, but here's the thing. I had my first kiss last March, and I'm 16. And here's another thing, and I'm being brutally honest here. The guy said it wouldn't work out between us and left. So, here's the thing, is there something wrong with me or is it just that I haven't find that guy to light my fire yet...?

The reason that I'm asking is because all my friends and family had their first kisses between the ages of 10 and 13 and I feel akward around my friends when they ask about my first kiss and m first boyfriend. Which I haven't had. My kiss was considered a 'one night stand'. Can someone give me advice and help me out a little bit?
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your just fine that a perfect age and dony worry bout it it will all fall in to place whaen its suppose to

i don't mean to crap all over your posting, but a "one night stand" is when you have sex with someone once only.. kissing is not considered a one night stand.<br />
and don't stress about the kissing thing- i had my first kiss at 15 (just a year ahead of you), and i couldn't give a toss what my friends think.<br />
you don't have to be like everyone else.. the people who have less going on in their love lives as teenagers and don't have boyfriends until much later are the ones who seem to have steadier and longer relationships when they are older.. i don't know about you, but i'd rather have a solid relationship/marriage as an adult than screwing around with everyone that comes my way as a teenager just because everyone else is doing it.<br />
i'm almost eighteen and have never had a BF while all my friends have, and while i'll admit it bothered me at one point, i'm past the point of caring now.<br />
what happens, happens (: & good luck!

Good luck !

Posted a starter for you. Look for "Your first step to a guy"

Ooo, sorry about that. I'll work on getting something up here soon. I'll do it in a series instead of an "all at once" type thing.

Knighted, yeah... It happened but it wasn't any fun... I'd love to hear your tips =)

Did your date happen? Just wondering. I'm working on some stuff that may help you weed out all the bad guys so you can find the good ones.

I am only 16. I'm turning 17 in december. The reason for my "perfect" grammar Ryksteman is because A) I was in private school since I was 8(now I'm in public which I love) and B) I'm a writer and reader. So I kind of need to have proper grammar. And when your... Erm what's the word I'm looking for... Say self enclosed you don't have many friends. And I DID NOT meet this guy online. He's 15 and I go to school with him. Meeting men online is disgusting and perverted if your under 21. But that's just my opinion. Thanks and I think I have a date tomorrow. Wish me luck =)

My dear , there is no reason you have to be embarrased. Many people did not kiss before 30 (yes , THIRTY). . <br />
All good things will happen in time and you have to be patient. Do not think about kissing the whole time or try to kiss the boys, you'll scare them away. Enjoy your youth , dance, play sport, study , laugh a lot , gossip with your girlfriends.<br />
Beware of the many ,many sickos and psychos here on the internet. Your grammar make me think you are older than 17? Sweet dreams my child, and remember : there is SOMEONE looking after us all. And the webcam ABOVE sees into every heart.

What he said was a line. There isn't anything wrong with you. When it feels right, it will feel right.<br />
<br />
That guy was playing on your insecurities. He read that line on the net hoping you would chase him. I know this because I used to teach it. Yet, others now abuse what was once a honest way of meeting others.<br />
<br />
You are fine. This guy is a sleaze. <br />
Don't worry about others. Have respect for yourself. Live by your rules. and the rest will work take care itself.<br />
<br />
Hope that helps. throws a lot at us girls and this is one of the most important things. your first kiss is something most of us are worried about. did we do it right? does he want more? trust me...i am your age as well and i wish my first kiss had been saved for my boyfriend, but i love him and it feels like the first time every time we kiss. so just know that no matter what life gives us girls, we might worry or think something is wrong, but somewhere out there is a guy who is waitng for you and every time you touch it will be like the first time. good luck and don't rush it...he's out there

You haven't found that guy me. From what it seems there's nothing wrong with you just met the wrong guy is all. I'm you're age too and i really haven't actually "made out" with a girl as yet but i don't consider myself awkward at all :) . You're will have plenty of relationships as you get older so don't rush it kay?