Your First Step To A Great Guy

To get a real guy that is going to be right for you there are a few things you have to really understand.
First, we are called dogs and pigs for reason. We act on animal instinct when it comes to women. It comes from 3 primal instincts developed way back in caveman days.

Guys are concerned with food, fighting, and sex.

We don't think like women. We think of one, maybe two, things at one time. That's it. If we are hungry we think about eating until that hunger is satisfied. If a woman is with us we want to provide for her as well.
If we are serious about her we want to show her all that we can provide to her so she knows we can take care of her basic needs. Um, yeah, emotion doesn't play a big roll. That's why we never seem to listen or hear what you say.

Guys also are territorial. We protect what we deem as ours. Way back that was survival. Today it has become fist fights and jealousy. It also has taken on the aspect of sports. 

The last is survival of the human race. It is the basic of all instincts and one that starts all relationships, for guys.

We are visual. If a woman doesn't fit our definition of beauty then nothing is going to change that.
Now, every guy is different. Some guys like thin, long legs, long hair, big chested women. Other guys like short and heavy women. It's all personal preference. So if a guy doesn't pay attention to you. It doesn't mean there is something wrong with you.

Don't think for a second that you need to meet the bill board super model look to get a great guy. Yes, looks are very important to guys. What is more important within those looks is that you present yourself as healthy.

Primal instinct remember. Caveman. A guy needs to know in that far away DNA that his genes are going to survive with a strong healthy gene.

So to start getting more guys you can play to this aspect of our base set instincts. It doesn't get you the best guy, it just gets guys attention.

I'll cover how to get the best guy as I post more. It's not about what to do. You need to know why so that you can fit this to your own personality.

You want to look sexy but not overly sexy. Less is more in many cases. It's amazing what a guys imagination can produce. Need I really go into detail here?

Guys like filling in the gap of what they cannot see. It is a short term thing as they get to know you. So that initial attraction fads as a connection takes over. It lasts for about a month.

It's a strong attraction to your physical beauty. With a proper connection he will always find you physically beautiful. There are ways you can keep that going through connection and not getting physical with him before you are ready.

Things you can do now to get heads turning towards you.

Go to the salon and ask for a hair style that fits your face and creates a symmetry. A symmetrical face demonstrates health. Guys don't think this, it's pure instinct. Medical research  also proved that symmetry is more attractive.

You also want to be sure to show your neck. It shows sexuality and is overall something that guys deem as seeing healthy on a base level. It also shows vulnerability.

Your hair style doesn't have to be short. Just able to be moved to show your neck when you desire to do so.

Clothing plays a lesser roll. It needs to fit properly. As women, you know how to better play to your bodies strengths.  You don't need to wear almost nothing to get a guy. You most definitely will get a guy, but it won't last long and he won't be what you want.

Next, smile and use your eyes. If you do nothing else this alone will get you attention from guys. This works on two levels.
Remember when I mentioned territory?

Imagine a guy sitting in a classroom. He is familiar with everything and everyone. If something gets out of place he picks up on it. It catches his attention. So if you walk in looking a little more sexy than before, he notices.
Now add a smile. Then look him in the eye, just a little longer than you would a stranger.

This is his invitation to talk to you.
If he doesn't then it's one of two things.
1. He is to scared.
2. You don't fit his criteria of beauty.

Neither are things you should take personally. There are 3 billion men in the world, just move onto the next guy.

I'll cover more on my next post. This is just to get you started. Let me know if it helps or if you have any questions.

Got to "Get Great Guy-2" for more. I can't open a discussion on this post.
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3 Responses Aug 5, 2010

Very True Miketastic. I was painting with a broad brush, so there are exceptions.

This is amazingly true, but not all guys are insensitive. There are a few that are understanding and willing to listen to what women say. I'am one of those guys. You just have to find the right guy that is for you.

Good post. This is just the beginning though. As I get more indepth the "right" guy will listen. I'm working on a thing for guys also on how to listen. Not just sitting there giving the occasional "uh-huh."<br />
<br />
The thing that gets in the way is how we think. Guys go logic to emotion. Women go emotion to logic. So when women talk about a problem guys try to fix it. Sometimes we say "Don't think about it." Now when guys talk to women they ask us "so how did you feel?" our reply is "Feel, what? What are you talking about? This has nothing to do with feelings."