I Want a Real Boyfriend

I would really like to have a real boyfriend, one that is so in love with me that he does everything for me, that want to go to paris, watch the sun go down, go backpaking thru the Andes, eat nice meals by candlelight, writes poems for me, write me nice letters, take me to the cinema etc.etc.

For some reason all my boyfriends are always so rational... Like "yes, we could go leave for paris this evening, but tomorrow the garbagemen comes and who puts thebin at the site of the street when we are not here.
Or why should I wright you a letter? I can call you!
linda linda
26-30, F
22 Responses Nov 2, 2006

I need man that will be caring for me

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The only way that is going to happen is if you audition for the Bachelorete on ABC .com. Good-luck.

So you have a list of things you want him to do for you but what are you offering him? If he writes you a latter, are you going to go fishing with him? If he agrees to Paris, are you going to help him save up for a Harley Davidson?

Relationships are about compromise but I'm sure you will find a guy to do at least some of that if you treat him well in return :)

You sound like most women who watch too many romantic comedies. But I have to confess I have a boyfriend who prepares me candlelight dinners, writes me poetry and wants to take me away on an romantic holiday to a mountain resort. And all I want him to do is chill out and be more pragmatic. Funny aint it.

Love is old fashion ;O

So true lol too many excuses

good luck !!

Maibe were just to far away, :)

I'm sorry dear, but you need to stop watching those Hollywood romance movies. Don't buy into the commercialism of romance because no men can live up to those demands.<br />
<br />
Instead find a REAL man (possibly with a beer gut, tall, balding, funny) who loves you for you. Communicate what you want with him. I'm sure if he loves you enough, with your direction, he would fulfill all of your desires.

Great answer, I was about to write something like that.

I think it's important to realize if you want someone to do all these thing's what are you doing back for them? Maybe your asking a bit too much, especially if your not doing anything incredible like this back. We all want a perfect world full of love and happyness but is it possible realistically?

Unfortunately alot of men give up on this with more women wanting to be independent. Being burnt repeatedly does tend to make one cautious as well. It's still out there, but it is harder to find.

..hmmm thats kinda demanding, love is exchanging once ideas not just a love as enjoyment.|:)

You're request is borderline irrational, but im sure you expected that answer from a guy. :D

wat you are lukin 4 is also gud but search 4 christ and u wil be fulfilled too

romance is nice, but you dont want to end up with a soppy hardly a man guy. i have been there and it is not fun in the slightest. it was nice to start with but eventually it got to much, he used to cry when i went on holiday, once he came shopping with me and my friends and he cried when i held one of my friends had- i was holding his aswell- it just can get a bit much sometimes. so watch out

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Some of us hear you, Emerald. Linda1, every woman deserves to be romanced well by the man she loves. Heres's to hoping you find him soon (*raises coffee mug*) Initially, it is always work, but the results are always worth it. Why work so hard at 'fighting fair', or sharing chores, or working together towards finances, only to ignore romance? All of these things must be done for a relationship to work, but of all of them, Romance is the effort with the maximum enjoyment as a fruit of that labor. Men that don't have the time, patience or understanding of what good romancing is all about should be reminded that not romancing their lovers is like not putting gas in their car, or air in a football. Action stops and it is soon game over. Baby steps at first would work. You're at the local drug store buying beer for the game on TV. Maybe you're thinking of after the game and go to buy some condoms. How hard is it to walk over to the Hallmark aisle and buy a little card, even if it is humorous? Flowers aren't always expensive, although if you cheap out all the time, it will get old. But I've noticed that some grocery stores have small florist displays where you can buy a single bunch, a single rose, or a blooming basket. Or, how simple is this? You see each other almost every day, right? Play a little mental game with yourself. Don't pass by her without doing one of three things. 1. Kiss her. Any way that feels appropriate. 2. Touch her. A caress on the arm, shoulder, back. Just a gentle touch. 3. Say something nice. 'I love you' is a no brainer. You like her hair. Or, remember that time that you (wore that makeup, wore that dress, had your hair a certain way)? Change it up, keep it fresh and stepping it up level after level is an easy thing to do. You WILL find yourself looking forward to, and being excited about your anniversary. Last thing. If you do these things, the chance that your relationship will last increase, and just like deposits into a 401k, all of this romance makes a chain of memories that make the advancing years more pleasant than not. Have kids? Great! You'll be setting a good example for them.

I wouldn't write a letter to someone who can't spell write either.

What you want is to be wooed with a little ROMANCE!! Listen up here fellas! Alot of women appreciate the things mentioned here. And not just the singles! Married men deffinately loose their romantic side when " the ring is on the finger "! Romance to women is like feeding a man's gut... we Must Have!! So fill our Needs, GUYS!