Start to Lower My Demands....

Ok, I am now 4 months without a boyfriend.... and I must say that I really start to lower my demands.... I'm afraid that if it continues like this, in 5 month I will indeed consider my neighbour :-( .....

So please... will all nice boys please drop bye as soon as possible ?

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Can you think of a guy who is your "friend with benefits" until you find a right guy for you? You are lonely, so look for someone who can give you company and who is not emotionally attached to you. Consider this.

I went years without anyone. Forgot or thought I forgot how to kiss. Told myself well never mind if it never happens fine. Then I find myself having an emotional affair with a married man 18 years older than me. Yes I know that's not a good idea but when he can I get hugs and kisses to die for oh yes and according to him my kisses are great with a bit more practice. Well practice makes perfect. I am sure round the corner at some time you will find your perfect prince Charming.

acquire not squire lol spell check is a pain

NEVER EVER lower your standards because when you do you will end up with EXACTLY what you don't want! Give it time and the right guy will find you as well as the wrong ones, just learn to know the difference between the two!

Don't ever lower your standards! If 4 months is too long to be single, maybe you should re-evaluate exactly what your looking for. I could see compromising for someone you are already dating, that makes sense. Better yet, focus on YOU and what makes you happy, not WHO might. Best of luck Linda. Here's hoping we all find the one! Pete

i know it is wrong..... but I can't be alone.

I live in a place, that for a guy, to flirt is VERY VERY HARD. Girls are considered superior (of course hot girls) and guys are considered trash, it does not matter if they have money or they are hot or watever. In this unpleasant eviroment I started dating.<br />
<br />
At the begining I had to go with really ugly girls, everybody told me that was a mistake and that I would regreat taht four life. You know what happened?<br />
<br />
It happened what I thought, that I gained experience and now I have learned more and I know how to play better the flirting game, and now I am with a hot girl

I'm 22 years old, and still haven't had a girlfriend. I'm a pretty decent looking guy, I do alright for myself when we my friends and I go out to bars and clubs and stuff, but it seems like, without fail, the girls I talk to at these places are not people I want to date, and any girls I do think that I want to date seem to have no interest in me. Hopefully things will change for the better soon.

Hi<br />
<br />
You shouldn't feel so low. as there are lows in life so there are highs. So you cheer up and be the typical surfer and wait for the next big wave...its coming soon...if it doesn't there is always teh life :)

Id love to hear what you are looking for and willing so try me

just keep your hopes up... not all of us lads are that bad :) just keep smiling and wait for the right boy to smile back!!!<br />
<br />
someone will...

so how do I drop by ..... ?

You should sign up to a online dating site, they really work!<br />
Enjoy your freedom while it lasts. You'll find the right person when the time is right.

its not a race.......for once in life...the first one across the line doesn't get a prize. make friends dont look for may not like what comes your me i know all too well.

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Hey, don't worry. Keep your standards RIGHT where their at! Well, if it makes you feel better, I've been single for 2 years, nearly 3 ((It'll be 3 this up-coming March 12th...)). And Im in Highschool, so Imagine what I go through? People everywhere HAPPILY content with their boyfriends and girlfriends...It sucks, but just stick with it, and don't lower your experience's for ANYONE...You'll regret it later...

hi just stay cool, u wil when it's time ok

Don't look, Just have friends and it will happen.Looking <br />
for the right guy trust me always finds you the wrong one.

i'm still trying....

Try longer.

Chill out.. I've never had a boyfriend and I've still got my standards

Honestly? Don't drop your expectations. Just kinda flow with it. The ups and downs totally suck but you get by. I haven't been single as long as you and haven't spent ANY time in pursuit of anyone. People just fall from the sky when you least expect them to.<br />
<br />
Just roll with it.