I Want Experience Points And Memories...

I want to experience all of those feelings that everyone has been talking about, I want to experience my first kiss, I want to experience the first date, I want to experience so many things.  I'm not asking for a soulmate or a high school sweetheart, im also not asking for a one night stand or a fling.  All I really want are memories to look back at and remenence about the times when i was happy with that other.  I wouldn't mind dancing with someone other then my group of friends, i would love to know that im getting balloons and a teddy bear for valentines day.  I'm the only one in my group of friends that haven't experience any of that.  I do focus on my work at school but sometimes its hard trying to pay attention but then end up imaging myself with my crush.  Oh well, I guess i wasn't ment to have any relationship in highschool maybe i might have to wait until i get  a job and move out of this town.  But i wouldn't mind at least having one real relationship with someone that i really liked before heading of into the real world.I w
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18-21, F
1 Response Feb 19, 2012

yea, just keep waiting! Actually, I'm in the same satuation, but I'm a man, sometimes, I envy other people who in love, but I waiti for love all the time. Good luck to you