Maybe I'm Lonely

it's been awhile 6 months since i haven't had a boyfriend. the last one was pretty much annoying so i ditched him after four months. i've had one serious relationship that lasted for three years. yes, i know it's not too long. but i am still young and would like to find that love again. the problem is i am not a monogamous person and always seem to cheat (sexually, that is). even if i really loved that person, it's like i always want something else with someone else. i think it's what made that relationship work. i don't know what i'm trying to say, but maybe you understand. i'm wondering when i will find the right guy for me. i don't go searching and fall into the first man that comes my way. i seem to get into a relationship rather quickly, that's why it never works out...
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3 Responses Dec 5, 2006

"I want to get plowed by a bunch of dudes, yet still have one man i can lay my bullshit on at the end of the day." - Good luck.

I think it is unfortunate that it is considered cheating. The finest relationships I've had have been open. Twice I shared a partner with another couple and once with 3 other individuals, some of whom I shared with as well. Granted my longest relationships, 5 years and 15 years, have monogamist, but I would not have missed these multi-partner relationships for anything.<br />
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Maybe you can find a way to be happier with yourself as you are.

I concur with all you said, are you my lost sister? might be the right place for you! Check it out! Goodluck!