Sometimes I Don't Know What To Do.

I have never had a real relationship. Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is get booty calls and no guy will ever really just want to be with me. I don't know what I do wrong. Do I like sex? Yes, and sometimes I just want to have it. Do I sometimes start to like the guy I have sex with? Yes, but it seems like even when I like a guy before I have sex with them all they want is booty and they'll tell me anything to get it. I'm so tired of it, I feel like I'll never find someone real. UHHHHH!!!! I just feel like screaming sometimes. I don't think I ask for much in a guy, but I guess I should just start to settle for whatever I get.
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That's because you have a problem in your social filtration mechanism, from reading this little thread of yours I deduced the following, you let people close to you easily and know many people but have very few real friends. <br />
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Try working on reading the people you let get close to you, put a small barrier and try to really know what they are like, the best way to know what a guy is like is to play a game or engage in an active activity with them, something that requires effort and not just sitting.<br />
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Guys are most easily read when they are having fun, not sexual fun but the kind of fun children have when they play, personally I always put a barrier that makes me very hard to approach and I constantly speak in a condescending tone, partly because I don't like people to get used to me and partially because of what I do for a living. However, if I play a game or am simply having innocent fun, I tend to completely forget about how I want to be perceived by others and focus more on the moment, this is when all guys are most approachable, that's what I personally do when I want to get to know someone better.

u r lucky..atleast u girls get approached by boys...while its not similar with boys...u see i am single til this date :( and still starving for sex

If you give sex, thats all you're going to get. When you say no you'll see right away what they really want.

I agree with Redtail, set a bar. Hang out with him for a month or so before having sex with him to make sure he wants more first before getting your *****. Have some standards. Learn to **********, i know its not the same but it does help those urges and it will keep your mind clear when you're around a guy you like. You have the rest of your life to have sex, finding true love might take the rest of your life if you keep having sex with unavailable men. (unavailable does not just mean hes already in a relationship, it also means a man who does not want a relationship)

starts with etting the bar