Living For Something Who's Not Coming. Should I Just Live Like A Ghost ?

Whitout the feeling of love in my whole self, i don't feel like i'm alive, i'm looking at myself in a mirror and i look like a ghost who is missing a soul.
It's almost as if I was born with love since I felt love in love at first sigh when I was 10 years old and I felt reborn. It's like I died since i'm not in love anymore.
Everyday I wish I had a boyfriend. Everyday I create a fake boyfriend in my head and I look everywhere: in the streets, in the metro, at my job, while shopping if the guy i'm looking for wouldn't be there. I wish I could find someone who could make my heart beat faster, my whole face getting red because i'm blushing, my brain becoming full of thinking about him, who could take me out of my coffin and get back my human being to life.
Mikisilly Mikisilly
18-21, F
4 Responses May 20, 2012

Stop thinking so much about it because the more you think about an imaginary guy the more unrealistic your hopes become, we are all humans and we all have good things and bad things, you will never find mr perfect, you will never have a smooth relationship because that just doesn't happen.<br />
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You seem like an introverted person, try engaging in some activities where you are forced to be social, go out, go to a gym, work in the afternoons in a homeless shelter or an orphanage, this is where you meet people, just be careful to filer the ones you allow to get close to you.<br />
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The best advice I can give you is try and live in the real world, realize that this world is full of both bad and good things, you have beauty and ugliness everywhere, if one prevailed there would be no balance and our definitions of opposites would change.<br />
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You are not alone in this world and you will never be, you are surrounded by potential friends but you just don't give anyone a chance, start with the guy next to you in class, a co-worker or possibly your neighbor.<br />
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Good luck.

Wait for Love instead of any boy friend.... /

Ahh that sounds amazing....too bad im from Chicago id take you out....we can talk anytime if you like

sure :):)

what ru looking for in a bf and where ru from?

Im from Canada and im looking for someone who could be my best friend and my boyfriend at the same time, someone who could make me fall head over heals with him, someone who would fall for me as well.