My Type Of Boyfriend

I have never had a boyfriend nor my first kiss and i am looking for a man who really respects women, protective, caring, loving, and a teddy bear.
KittyInBlueJeans KittyInBlueJeans
18-21, F
4 Responses May 22, 2012

Im 16 u can text me if u want 843 323 5223

I can't find my phone charge

Well tell me when you find it

I will do u live in simpsonville,sc

No do u live there

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Hey I'm single and I'm really nice and a Teddy bear so message me plezz I'm really lonly if u don't want then that's fine

How old r u and where do u live

theres many men like that just guard your heart at such a young age

a-freakin-greed!! too bad theres not many guys like that :/