True Love?

I believe in true love.

Maybe it's just me, but I really feel that there's someone out there for everyone. I believe that people really do belong to eachother. I think that everyone has a soul mate.

It's possible that the Disney movies as a kid effected how I perceive love, but it's more than that.

If you settle for anything less than "the one" for you, you won't ever know true happiness. Sure, maybe you won't be sad, but it's true what they say - you never know what you're missing until it arrives. You could be happy with someone, but you won't be completely happy until you find the one made just for you.

I don't want to settle for mediocre love. Maybe my standards are too high. But I think that's okay when true love is possible.

I think that anyone worth loving should make you feel love all the time. There should be more than just a spark of interest. There should be nervousness and giddiness and butterflies and all that good stuff.

That doesn't mean that there won't be tears and worry and sleepless nights. True love means all of that and so much more - but continuing to last through out.

It's possible that I'm just holding on to a fairy tale that's unreachable, and it's also possible that in time I'll come around.

But for right now I'm holding out for true love. And I'm sitting here telling you that there's someone out there that is going to make all the hurt, sadness, and pain you've ever felt all worth it with one kiss. There's someone out there that's thinking about you all the time without even knowing you. There's someone out there that loves you more than you could ever imagine loving yourself. There's someone out there that won't ever let you go, even if you try to leave. There's someone out there that's waiting for you. There's someone out there that can give you true happiness.

There's someone out there that's your true love.
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Watch less movies and go out more, that is the best advice anyone can give you and I cannot take credit for it. There is no such thing as the kind of love you are talking about. The triangle of love is a theory, by some psychologist which I don't remember his name, that states that there are three elements of love which can combine together to make a type of love, the elements are companionship, passion and commitment. Basically companionship is the type of love you might have to a friend, they keep you company and understand you. Passion is the type of love that revolves around sexual contact. Commitment is the type of love that results from marriage, a long term commitment to someone makes it very difficult to get out of the relationship and is easier to just go along with it. The type of love closest to your fantasy love is perfect love, which is when a relationship contains all three elements, this type of love is not sustainable for a long term period.<br />
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My suggestion is for you to take some time to find someone that understands you and is honest to you, also don't rush anything, you are still young and not experienced enough in this field. I know my tone might be condescending but I used to believe the way you do but something changed that, if your read this you might one day understand what I meant.

I see a lot of familiar ideas in your story. The loneliness, wondering if you should just give in but knowing that it won't really make you happy, watching the couples around you certain that they're settling/clueless but still jealous that they're farther along than you. I'll bet you're even like me in that you frequently fantasize about just getting to relax after a long day by doing menial things with "The One."<br />
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I should point out that if you think losing the "Butterflies" feeling means you're not in love, that isn't true. That sensation is just nerves, not love. Good if they inspire that in you early on, but it's actually better to lose that sensation--getting comfortable with your other half is one of the greatest parts of a relationship.<br />
<br />
Still, I know how you feel. We just have to take comfort because we KNOW we aren't settling, and finding the right person is always so much better than burning through dozens of wrong ones.

I do agree that "butterflies" are just nerves and when you don't have them anymore it's a good thing because it means your comfortable. But, at the same time, I've heard of old married couples who report still getting butterflies after being together for 20+ years and that's always the kind of love I wanted.
I had a lot of friends from HS that just stayed with their significant other because they were comfortable with eachother and really didn't know anybody else... I just don't think that's a reason to stay with somebody.

Yup, you are right about me being jealous of my friends being in good (not great) relationships - even if they're settling. I could have settled so many times but that's not just what I'm about. I want true love.

Don't we all.

Mhmm. We all sure do.

I totally agree with u ! and well said :D

wow, that's really well written.

Thank you! Do you mean my grammar or the idea behind my writing?

Well your grammar was fine. But yes the idea your writing about is very good, and you did a good job clearly telling about your idea, and it was rather powerful to read.

Aw! Thanks that's really sweet. Are you a believer in true love as well?

In my own unique way yes. I believe there are all kinds of love, and some kinds of love could be considered more true than other kinds.

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