Want Someone to Love

i havent been with anyone for other 4months :(  i feel soo alone and i've started thinking about my recent ex's and start to think i that i may stil actually have feelings for them but then realise it's just becoz i feel alone and im remembering all the good times i have when im with someone.

i dont feel that having a boyfriend would be a great idea at the moment but i just need someone to concentrate on and love and someone who appriciates me ....

xXmissyXx xXmissyXx
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 23, 2007

i totally agree that you having somebody to love and care and think about is a godd idea! that way, you won't be thinking about yourself so much. <br />
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but there being with somebody isnt all good, remember you could break up with them, have a fight or start to orry about them if something bad happens hich would put more strain on top of what your already feeling.<br />
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just wait and you'll find somebody..soon enough