I Want a Boyfriend"

Hi guys and girls,

ok i havent dated since yr 7 which is pretty crap and i'm actually getting a bit annoyed and desperato and pretty much all my friend or even the girls her have boyfriends already.

i really want one

Linnewinnie Linnewinnie
18-21, M
2 Responses May 1, 2007

I fully get it!!<br />
I havent dated since grade 7 either!<br />
and not to sound 'up myself' but im not bad looking and i highly doubt u r either!<br />
y cant we find someone? someone to talk to when life is **** and who we can talk about sexual thing with and not get embarressed..<br />
Please inbox me! we can be partners in finding partners! :D

I feel the same.<br />
I need to find someone .<br />
I wanted a friend and then work in to a boyfriend.<br />
I wanted to go slow .<br />
And see what happens.<br />
But I am looking for someone.<br />
<br />
Some one said I need to get out and walk more.<br />
And that is the hard time I have is getting out.<br />
<br />
I am shy to that is hard for me.<br />
So I Have alot to get over to get out there.<br />
Good luck to all that are looking for boyfreinds.<br />
<br />