I am single at the moment and I have been for six months now. I wouldn't really consider my last relationship as "valid" because we were only in that relationship for 7 days and it made me feel so angry and hateful because I waited for our chance to be together but... he said he didn't love me. It took me a while to get over him, actually it was just about three weeks ago that I got over him. Now that I'm over him, I guess I want to start over. I want to meet a guy who can love me for me and who can accept me for who I am. He doesn't need to be perfect, as long as he's honest and trustworthy and he knows how to make me smile and laugh, I'll be more than glad to have that kind of guy. I'm happy being single but I also of course want to experience having someone there holding you and loving you.
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You actually know the date of overture? Wow! One night Stan?

I hope you find someone soon. You're worth someone who loves you back!<br />
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Good luck :)