Yes I Am a Freak..

lol you think 4 months is tough?! i've been single for 18 1/2 years and showing no hope of acquiring a bf lol.

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Listen girly, <br />
remember that each person has their own path to travel. In my experience it is not how much you like a guy it is if he likes you. Just find something you love to do that will keep your confidence up, and eventually someone will notice how special you are.

single for reason could not tag as freak, too many are in this way. it just so peace when it's no one waiting for. off cause, lonely sometime.

You're not a freak! I've gone for 17 years without a boyfriend, thus my whole life. There are more people like s out there!

Naw, sweetie, I'm sure you'll find someone that loves you soon :)

I've been single for 22 years,., People have different views in life,., Sometimes they don't feel wanted or loved once they lose that special someone in their lives,., I think it's all a matter of perspective,., All of us want to be loved,., And even if it's months or years, you still have it in the back of your mind: be with someone who truly loves and understands you,.,