Time Locked

I know this sounds silly but I'm 19. Never been kissed, never had a real boyfriend( the duche who hung out with me led me on and told me that he felt nothing after a year doesent count. We never even held hands, and every time we hugged we knocked heads)
Anyway- I have never been kissed, never held a guys hand... At lead not one that loved me. I have been ready for so long to have a boyfriend and there are a few guys that could fit the bill... Well- really only two- my brothers roommate and a co-worker.
Talk about wanting things I can't really have. :P
They are both brilliant roomie likes to bake pies and co-man gives off this vibe of epic ness. My brother knows I like his roomie but I don't think I'm the guys type. He's got what you call jungle fever. Co-man well he likes honey blondes who can wear a bikini and not worry about stretch lines and cellulite. :( I'm not sure if I can survive all of this crap... The other day a beautiful man came into work- sat right in my eyeliner and stayed there. I couldn't help how excited I got- in the end he just left.... I'll never see him again... But table two was beautiful... I loved everything about him... Impeccable manners- you should have seen the way he used his napkin it was just.... Ahhhh! So hot to see a guy with class. Anyway- I'm starting to go insane cause I feel attracted to any handsome man that crosses me. Some people think the guys I like are ugly- I like them y'all and angular with a look of intelligence and sophistication. I want a man not a boy. :P anyway... Sorry it's so long just... Needed to get that off my chest
Serenasong Serenasong
18-21, F
Jan 7, 2013