How Do I Get Him To Notice/like Me?

So I am turning 15 years old on Saturday and he is a junior in highschool. I don't really know him.
I met him once, it is irrelevant but we were choosing homerooms and he is in the group "PALS" which means that he is a peer who talks to you during lunch if you have problems or just want to talk to someone. So he has a list of the different homerooms and he notices that I am alone and frazzled looking for my friends so he asks if he wants to look at the list, I say yes, and after I look it for 30 seconds I am about to leave when he shakes my hand and tells me his name. He's so perfect. Okay so he is tall which is good because I am and very handsome! I don't really know that much about him but he passes by me almost every morning.
I really want to date him. Like this is my frist crush that I feel I might actually have a chance with, I don't know why I think we would be so cute for me, I guess it's just he has everything that I wanted in a boyfriend and more. So now the problem I have is how do I get his attention? We don't have any classes together, although I am crossing my fingers for next semester because I have a 4 by 4 schedule.
I don't know why I think that he likes me too but I kind of convinced myself that. He kind of made a small move on halloween but I didn't know it was him because he was in costume so I just ignored him! I feel like I had small chances with him that I just blew off, which I regret now. I feel like its my turn to give him a wink wink nudge nudge back because I didn't give it back to him when he gave it to me.
I know I sound like a freak but please just tell me how I can get his attention and tell him/show him that I like him? Thanks for reading/commenting! :)
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Hello Veggiechick,What i suggest you do is ask one of your friends to ask him what he thinks about you ,and if he'ld ever think of you as more then a friend because thats what i did when it came to the guy i had a crush on he was my friend as well.This way you won't get embarrassed if he says no.
Good luck