I Want A Girl... Im Just A Normal 14 Year Old Guy

ive lived my life with a girl and shes only my friend... i asked her when i was 10 "do u want to go out with me?" and she said the most annoying thing ever... "you know... i only like you as i friend because you understand me and you are always kind to me... but i don't really like you as a guy because i dont know... ur just not my style..." i am still friends with her only as a friend but she still doesnt like me but i really do i want a real girlfriend hu will really go out with me and im a 14 year old guy...just looking for any 13-15 year old girl... and pls dont comment just have fun with ur friend rite now cause i WILL NOT want to do that...
13-15, M
2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

it hard to trust what people say online but i feel like you really are 14 and im 14 to and a girl so Hai! and idk how to message because im new to this web site

Well... its normal to be feeling that way. If you care about this girl, then you'll wait for her. But if you just want a girlfriend, find someone who you have a lot in common and who you can really talk to.

...ok...i will think about it but thanks.