Boyfriend(true Companion)

I could say I want a boyfriend.. Which would be true but I actually want a companion. Someone who likes being around and hanging out with me. Someone whom isn't afraid to fight with me and isn't going to run and hide when things get hard. Someone wants to be my friend first and my lover second. Someone who enjoys just hanging out and being with me without expecting something in return. I want someone who'll do little things and random with me like goofy pictures and random sweet little notes but not because I that's something I need but it would be something nice to have happen. I want someone who likes doing that because it makes them happy to do it not something they think they HAVE to do but actually WANT to do. I want someone who will stand up for his own beliefs and opinion and not let me walk all over them. I want someone who not afraid to speak his mind. I want someone who will let me be his companion and let me be there for him in anything he needs. But mostly I want someone who'll put his ALL in the relationship just like I would. Who will be there for the good, bad and the ugly. That's all I want and ask for but I think sometimes that's just asking for too much now a days and it sucks...
DarkAngel0309 DarkAngel0309
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

I think what you want is what everyone
Deserves. Thank you for showing me that I am not alone in wanting true companionship.

You're very welcome!! Just being honest!! :)