I want a boyfriend but at the same time I'm not sure. I have been scared to death of males since I was eight. I want to be able to trust them but it's hard. I have no idea what to do because I want to be with someone but i can't seem to get over my fear.
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Can you say what happened when you were 8?<br />
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It takes the risk of being hurt to find love.....not easy when hurt before and not over it. Taken step by step reduces the chances of pain, then you have some control over what you open up to and how fast.<br />
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Good luck. I sense in you great potential, hidden under armour.

oh man, that's a toughie.<br />
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do you know the exact reason that you are scared of guys in general?<br />
because if you knew why then it would be easier to combat these thoughts and deal with the real problem head on.<br />
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