HELLO Anyone Feeling Sad Just Read My Life Story It's Funny

you know how you take the worst things and laugh about it well i laugh at my life everyday.it seems like it just get darker and darker everyday.you know i don't need a man to complete me but it would be nice to have someone by your side to share you thoughts and cuddle up to ....instead of your best friend. how good it feels that someone feels the same way about you and is living just for you.i was at the mall the other day...alone and there were couples around me kissing,smiling,living life...when you know... i can't wait till life ends. see now im crying again,here writing a story on how wonderful my  life is.lol for the last couple of days i was not happy or sad but feeling better i was doing a play and everything was good but now the play is over and im back to reality.im alone again im actually kinda getting use to it. i don't even know where to go from here....thank you everyone for your time.

Jordanne Jordanne
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 13, 2007

I don't think it's funny and I'm sure you don't either. It is healthy sometimes to make light of the seriousness in our lives but don't make yourself out to be unimportant. You look like a young lady and you have a long life ahead of you. I know what it's like when you see all these people around with their happy relationships and you're all by yourself. I'm there. That was just bothering me today. I know part of my problem is learning to love myself and from the way you sound that may be the case with you. If you go around feeling unworthy then your life will be that way. I can only speak from experience but I know for myself that I'll have to learn to love myself more before I can expect anybody else to love me.