I Want Kauai

i want an effing bf so bad and not just any bf i want kauai, if he ever reads this, which im pretty sure he wotn, id be pretty screwed omg if he reads this im going to die i think it says my name, if he ever googles himself hes goign to find this and laugh at me my name is tina jic. im  a bad person i hooked up w his best friend to make him jealous. proabbly didnt work. then i found out im leavin and i still dont care, im going to marry him last night he made out with a fugly norwegian claled juni. im prettier than her . im tyring to get a sexy voice to conquer him at tomorrows party. not working so far. ive spent all day eating icecubes and icecream adn yelling into my pillowe with my hair wet and the AC on, but my voice wont get sexy. ****. he wont want me now. i  had a dream with him last night. his brother was sick. his brothers name is kenui,  i love him too. he was sick and i was taking care of him bc he is tiny. then he died and turned into a plant, i went to tell kauai and he didnt care, i turned into  a nature freak. he still didnt care. i cried. then i woke up and i cried. i hate juni. shes not mrs. moliterno. i might beat her up. i dont want him to read this ever. if he did, it would be a proof that i have bad luck in love. and nobody wants me. and hed laugh at my fugly face. and go make out with juni in fornt of me. i love him he says hi instead of hey. he is so sexy he has a band, surfs, hes rich, he was born in hawaii and thats all im saying bc any of u freaks who read this, mmight fall in love and go stalk him, hes mine *******. thats all. thnak u and goodnight

by the way this isnt a suicide note.

migiandtheiricecreamjar migiandtheiricecreamjar
18-21, F
Jun 15, 2007