More Than Just a Simple "I Love You"

I've got 3 best friends, all male. I love them all sooooo much. Two of them have girlfriends. The other just recently had a break-up. I've NEVER had a boyfriend. A million and two male friends, but, never a boyfriend. I dream of what it would be like if I were to be going out with these guy-friends. But, I know that only makes things worse.

In the guys' opinions, we've got the most platonic relationship on the planet. I just want them. And if I can't have them, then I want somebody else to love, who loves me back. not "friend love". LOVE love.

I guess I just want someone to depend on.. and who depends on me.
Am I the only person who feels like this?
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7 Responses Jul 10, 2007

The reason why nothing is developing is because you aren't doing anything about it. And he's probably sitting in his house thinking like you. "Things will develop by themselves or maybe she will contact me. I'll just sit here doing my things." Get yourself together, woman! :)

Wow, that's great!! You're so brave! I was at camp this summer for 3 weeks.. and the guy I like was at the same camp. So we hung out for the majority of the 3 weeks and he gave me his neck chain. I was so pleased because it seemed that he was taking an interest in me.. but now I'm home and still wearing it and haven't seen him or talked to him in a couple of weeks! We'll be back to school soon so I'll see him then... but it just kinda sucks that nothing is developing. Oh well.. Thanks for the comments! :) x

By the way, I recently spontaneously asked a gal if she wanted to see a movie at the local cinema but she was busy that night. She said "but some other time :)". We'll see about that, hehe :)

That's great! But remember that having a deal "some time" doesn't really get you anywhere. I need to be aware of this myself as well. You've got to be in the moment!

Thanks Wraither. In fact, I have been quite brave recently! Just yesterday, I texted the guy I have a really big crush on. I kinda asked him out (not OUT out, just suggested we go to the cinema sometime) and he kinda said yeah.. So I guess, if i make some effort to change things, change will come about. Thanks for the support, dear. x

Promise yourself to do something if you're unhappy in your current situation. You've got the power!

Naw, you're not alone. I'm sure you will find someone who really loves you soon. =)