I want one that will have my back when times are rough.One who understands that sometimes I need space and sometimes giving me space is a very bad idea;one who can accept that I am difficult when I am sad or depressed.One who will let me take care of him( not financially though!).If he could match me in the bedroom and keep me satisfied I would be in heaven.I want to know that one person in this world knows my dark side and still wants to wake up next to me every morning. oh..and if he could sing 'good morning girl' to me every morning,I would feel like a goddess;)
blackcat blackcat
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 11, 2007

I think you have basically summed up the ultimate wish of most females. Although, I think that, unfortnately, however guys may try very hard to impress their girlfriends, they never seem to succeed. We [females] must admit that we are very very complicated to understand. We're always going to want to change our other half and so finding that perfect guy will be oh-so tough for a lot of us. Good luck with your search for yours! =]