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 I have less than three months till my 22 birthday and I have never had a boyfriend. "How does this happen," one may ask. Well, in middle and high school I was never really aloud to have one. I come from a fairly conservative household. Im pretty sure guys liked me back then. Fast forward to college....I dont know what happened.

I went away for college with full intent of finding a great guy and having one of those cute future stories that starts a little something like this, "Yeah, we met in college." hmmmm, I guess its not meant to be. I will be graduating soon and still see no guy in sight. I have or should I say had confidence, of course everyone has their insecurities, but this is beginning to way on a girl's ego. 

Im beginning to ask the questions, "What's wrong with me; is it my weight, is it my height; am I just plain ol' ugly?" I just wish someone would tell me already, maybe I can fix it. I am not the settling type so its probably my too high standards...but then again no ones knocking at my door for a date. I want a boyfriend; I want the experience. I feel Im getting older and it would probably only get harder when Im in the "real world" with no dating experience of any kind.

They say put yourself out there and send out positive approachable vibes. I did and still nothing. They also say it will happen when you least expect it...they're probably right, because I definitely expected it to happen by now. Should I not want a boyfriend while putting myself out there so a guy will magically appear? Im confused. 

I probably will be single forever.

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I just turned 22 as well, and I had a boyfriends before, but not in the last two years. Now you might be thinking well atleast you had a boyfriend, but not really. I have not felt emotionally connected to anyone, I'm very very sad. I mean I do all the rights things, college, work, socialize. I am not ugly, I'm pretty confident. There just seems to be nobody out there, nobody asks me out, nobody has every bought me a drink, now I know I sound like a complainer but I see everyone else around me date all the time. what make a girl unapproachable? I ache to love somone.<br />
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I hope you find someone soon and bring us here commentors good news because I could use a little inspiration, hope and downright proof that there are men out there.

Enlighten me happinessfactor

<b>I have less than three months till my 22 birthday and I have never had a boyfriend. "How does this happen"</b><br />
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Negative feedback loop and learned helplessness, easiest way to explain it, isn't it?

Thanks for the encouragement. I hope everything works out for me as well for everyone out there who shares my same sentiments. When I find someone worthy I'll definitely put myself out there. My patience has worn out, but Im sure it'll all work out for the best for us all.

I can really relate to you, well except im a guy...so its the same with me only with the opposite sex.<BR><BR>Im 19 and never had a girlfriend. It started in Highschool for me, where i went image was everything and alot of girls didnt want to date a guy who would ruin their social statis. And im not the greatest looking guy in the world, but knowing that someone who you could be dating outside of highschool wont consider you because of what other people will think just plain out sucks. I mean i think im a great guy and if a girl would just take the time to get to know me then they would also see that im a great guy, who can offer them emotional comfort and love, i would be there for them whenever they needed me to be there, we would just sit and talk or hug if she needed to. I dont even crave a sexual relathionship that much(you might think this is wierd cuz im only 19) but i would rather have a deep emotional relathionship with a girl who understood me than have a non-emotional purely physical relathionship. Anyway, im getting off track...<BR><BR>I went off to college thinkin i was gonna meet a nice girl and we'd go out and have a relathionship, but so far nothing. When you've never had a girlfriend you start to blame yourself, and it will take you down a slippery slope to being single forever. And thats something that im trying to avoid. I also constantly ask myself "whats wrong with me?" Am i too fat, is it my hair, my beard, my glasses, my clothes? What is it that makes me so unwanted by the opposite sex? And i cant really seem to find an answer. It sucks to know that most people care about the outside of a person before they start to care about whats on the inside. And i also make rediculous and unreachable standards for women who i would go out with, and i realized that i subconsciensly make these outragious standards because im afraid of finding someone and afraid of sharing myself with them and im afraid of being with someone from fear of being hurt. So now im trying to be alot more open about who i would go out with and im hoping it will help.<BR><BR>I hope a guy will come along that will see what a wonderful person you are on the inside, and will realize that they found a special person who they should hold on to. Good luck with everything and just keep looking for him, hes out there somewhere, just like I know theres a special girl out there for me.<BR><BR>-Nauraushaun

I felt the same way. Then I thought,why bother waiting? I am tired of being a Cinderella. If I meet a right guy today, I will definitely ask him out.