Single Since Birth


and yes.. for 22 years (practically all throughout my life)

it's true that i want a boyfriend but i guess great things come to those who wait. i do not know whats wrong with me. some say that i am intimidating thats why guys won't "dare" to have a relationship with me. what the hell? i want guys who are not cowards - someone who have guts to know me deep inside. i am just a simple person looking for a someone who would truly love and accept me for who i am.

darn it.

i believe that God has created a wonderful love story for me.

toph toph
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I would like to get to know you more and see where it goes :)

I'm turning 20 this September.. time goes by and i didn't realize as i grew up that many thing has changed and maybe i should change also for the better me.. No Boyfriend Since Birth, Zero love life but i'm ready yet afraid to fall in love again. *Corny but true all of us will learn to love and hurt and no one wish to be alone forever and we all want to feel the most wonderful feeling in the world and that is to love and be love by the person you've waiting for... The question is is he/she is the right one for you? the answer is you don't have to questioned yourself or even God why he's not around and your alone? all we need is to be ready be the right one for the right person you wanted so if time comes that you will see each other, he will definitely love you because God knows that you completely love yourself and now you deserve to have to love other person because your full of love which capable o changing other persons life. I know i don't have the right to explained this, because until now i'm also searching for the right man to come but then again i realized that having no boyfriend at all doesn't mean your alone, your miserable, and it is a no no if we said to our self that we don't deserve to be love. You know the most important thing is you learn to love yourself and never be afraid to fall without assuring that their is someone who will catch you... I'm sure God will do. :) so be patient, live life, and be better not just for others but also for you. I'm here wishing that all of us will find that special gift....<br />
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dear author, after abt 3 yrs.. did u finally have a boyfriend?

Love!Love!Love.:)<br />
"Love is giving",some people say that. .I'm 18 now but I can't give my love to the one trying to make me happy.Maybe I'm afraid to be taken or is not the time for me to have a relationship.:(But ,one only I can say."LOVE"can wait.:)

I am single since 22 years since birth..<br />
I am looking for nice girl but couldn't find it, I hate being alone and single now..

well me too... i am a nice girl.hehe

im turning 23 and never had boyfriend, 1st because my mother is so strict until now that im turning 23, 2nd im so afraid that guy will hurt me. as i see in my environment my mother and father are separate, my aunties are separate in their hubby, my friends always problem is their boyfriend.

I know exactly how you feel. I'm also 22 and never had a boyfriend. And recently i just had a terrible experience with a guy.<BR><BR>Out of frustration..being single and all, i decided to take my friend's advice and be a little aggressive but i think i over did it. There's a guy in work whom i really like so i decided to drop him hints. I did all that i could just for him to notice me...Turns out he's gay and he told me himself! Up to now i still can't believe it. I don't know how to act like were still friends because i still feel something for him...maybe just a little. But it's like he placed me in a box because i'm the only one who knows he's gay in the office. And i know the reason why he told me that is because he doesn't want to lead me on. But i'm scared of the fact that i didn't see it coming. It felt like he decieved me because i didn't even notice that he's gay, because he's so good in hiding it. And yes i would've notice it because i have a lot of gay friends. I know it's not his fault and i don't blame him for that. But i'm just scared because my judgement might be impaired. And now i feel like i don't know if there's still a straight guy out there for me. It just proves to show that almost every guy that i get close to are gay! It's true! Once i get close to a guy, i always end up learning that they're gay. <BR><BR>It's so frustrating because i really really liked him. <BR><BR>I don't know if there's still a guy out there for me =(

Im nineteen and never had anyone show interest in me once things got physical, theres a lot of selfcentred ***** out there, keep telling myself soemone will come along, just hope I live that long :)<br />
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I'm 21 years old and I never had a boyfriend. I won't say I never got close to having one but I chose to be single. In my life there were at least 3 guys whom I really cherished and almost gave in to. But I chose not to have a relationship with them. I guess it's just me. There are times when I feel regret that I never tried and times when I would just want to be left alone. A boyfriend should be able to break that boundary of friendship but at the same time keep it. I've met a lot of immature guys who thinks that love is just a game. If you don't have someone special right now, then just "let it be" and focus on other things =) oh and honey don't force yourself to be in love.

=) Thats true, God has something special for u, and it would come in its moment, it would be bigger than u think =D Let us know when that happens=)

Far out I've read all your comments and I'm sure there is nothing wrong with us! I'm like you understandme I haven't really had anything serious, I've had a lot of bad luck in the past when it comes to men. I have the same fear of rejection, but worse of all I don't want any regrets so I make the move but seem to get rejected every time anyhow.<br />
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It's wierd.

im 28 and havent had a serious relationship...dates yes, but nothing more...its scary for me to show my feelings and let people know what I think because they might reject me or hurt i know how u feel...THEN if someone does show interest (which happens often but I push it away ALL the time until they give up) im scared they will find out that i have "no idea" or i wont be able to keep them happy...i sort of put on an act and dont want them to see through it i guess...its tough, but I know its me and need to change my thoughts...toph, maybe you need to change your thought patterns as well, take a risk (im trying! at the moment im trying to tell a guy that im attracted to him which ive never done before and finding it difficult cos i start worrying about what will happen next) i think we try to protect ourselves by tricking ourselves out of situations...its easier to go back to your comfort zone than to risk rejection right? yep if u ask me...<br />
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so, *sigh* youre not alone and its not easy...but all i know is that it needs to be changed and needs to be done now! time is a-wasting!

thank you for all the comments! i just turned 23 last january so I have been single for 23 years. haha.

I've been reading the comments here and all I can say is . . . .<br />
I was married once and then divorced. I don't believe in the saying that goes "it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all". I could have done without that experience. Right now, I'm focusing on ME. I'm not closed to developing a relationship, it's just that I haven't seen anyone who is worth my time. I do know this I will never settle for less than I deserve again ; )

I'm 17 and have never had a girlfriend. I'm almost certain never to find one, really. So don't worry. You're in good company with people from both genders.

Yes well I feel the same!! I am 22 and never had a boyfriend. Its very embarrasing for me. I am now in a stage of really wanting one. I think the reason for me not having one is that i am very shy, ok in the pass tense I was. And sometimes the negativity come threw me telling me Im not good enough and so on. I wish I didnt felt like the because it makes me unhappy. Its mostly the way I was growing up. I believe if you are a believer and believe there is someone great out there, he will come on your path!!

Hey, I am a guy, and I fell very related to your story, It is almost the same. I would say, that till I was 19, I lived in wonderland, and I did not know anything about girls, what did they like, what did they think bla bla...<br />
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The only thing I thought was that one day one wonderful girl one day wanted to marry me.<br />
<br />
By the time I was 19, I realized, that I did not know anybody (girls) and that if I wanted to meet them I had to move a little.<br />
<br />
Now I am 25 and I am much better with girls. I could even say, that if I was not so bussy with work and with my degree I would be a pick up artist.<br />
<br />
How did I do it? Well first of all you have to realize that for some odd reason you are in an disavantage position. That does not mean that you are ugly or unfriendly or whatever. Only that maybe where you live there is a lot of girls, or whatever.<br />
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Then I started hanging out with guys that were very good with girls, I started reading al the books I could about flirting. I made profiles in online dating like meetic and ( I found two of my girlfriends there). Now I listen Podcast about flirting.<br />
<br />
I hooked up with all the girls I have been able. Unluckily I have a very bussy business life, so they have not been many.

yep. our guys would come soon. as the saying goes, "the longer you wait, the better you get." <br />
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I completely relate to you! I have been told several times that many guys find me intimidating - and i just cannot figure out why!! <br />
<br />
well...i'm 20 and have never had a i guess you're not alone in this whole situation. <br />
<br />
hopefully we'll both find guys who actually deserve our love pretty soon...

when is my "guy" coming?! where is he?! huhu..

When you least expect it or aren't even looking. Thats when "Mr. Right" will find you.

thanks myspip! i appreciate the comment. you are a wonderful person too.

You are a wonderful person, and if those guys are intimidated by you, then it is their loss. I'm sure you'll find your ONE soon :) GOod luck, and be yourself!