Not Happy Being Single

I have never been in a relationship before and now it is really started to depressed me. Im starting to think about it all the time and it doesnt help when people around me like my friends and cousins r in relationships and its all they talk about and maybe im being selfish but i just find it annoying cuz i feel like they r showing off about there partners most of the time.  I feel like im never gona find someone and because i suffer from social anxiety it doesnt help me because i get shy and anxious to talk to guys and im also very 'picky'.  But the funny things is that i do get attention from guys but i jus avoid having a conversation with them, which is maybe due to my social anxiety condition.  I just don't know how im   going to change this situation! maybe im jus going to be single forever.

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4 Responses Aug 2, 2007

I understand your feeling. My 25-year-old daughter feels the same way. She's tired of going to movies by herself. (She doesn't even have any girlfriends.)She has been disappointed by so many people (boys AND girls) for so long that she has practically given up. I tell her (and you) that she needs to join clubs ... book club, language club, chess club ... SOMETHING. Even go on Plenty Of Fish or OK Cupid or any of those other websites. You just have to keep trying ... because if you don't try at all, there's zero chance of meeting someone. As little of a chance there might be in general, you still have to try SOMETHING in order to give yourself a chance. Don't give up. I didn't meet my soulmate and best friend and lover until I was 51. Hopefully, you won't have to wait that long. Keep trying.

I know exactly how you feel about beening around friends or anyone who talks about their partners because I feel like they are making me feel bad also. I never been in a relationship either and I wonder if I ever will be in one. It does make it even harder because of my shyness and social anxiety. Right now I am trying to believe that I will meet someone great and that I will get married someday. Try to think positive that you will be with someone and try to not think about it so much as hard as that is sometimes. You will meet someone great some day just let it happen when it is meant to happen. Enjoy being single as much as you can because once it is over than it is over. Everything will be ok just ask God for what you want in a man and ask him to bring someone great to you. When you pray tell God exactly what you want.


Naw, sweetie, don't be pessimistic. Of course you'll meet someone. Strong love will help you overcome your social anxiety and shyness. When you fall so deeply in love, you'll do anything to reach out to that person. I know you won't be single for too long :D Good luck sweetie!