Hopeless Loser...

I am in the middle of highschool and I have never had a boyfriend or even kissed a guy. No guy has ever liked me. I really feel left out because all of my friends have boyfriends and ignore me when they are around. There is no hope for me
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18-21, F
1 Response Aug 3, 2007

Life is all about living your own life. 'Dancing to the beat of your own music'. I know it seems like you guys may be late bloomers, but who's to say these other peopel aren't rushing into things? Its not a bad thing, and trust me, the day WILL come. There is no written rule telling you that you must be dating by this date, you must be kissing by this date, and you MUST be having sex by this date. No, there isn't. And as much as you see your friends with their boy/girlfriends being all mushy, don't you see them get new boyfriends just as much? Do they seem to have really great relationships with these people. Probably not, they are just like everyone else, dating because they think its what they have to do. So don't think you're behind, you're actually ahead. You're smarter and you know the actual meaning of having a 'boy/girlfriend'. Your day will come, trust me. And when it is, you'll be ready for it. Till then, enjoy yourselves.