Is It Me? Or Him?

I want to know what im doing wrong.

Ive had a few boyfriends before and it was getting pretty serious i thought, but then after 3 months its over, then they play with my head for a while and we end up hating each other and never speaking again.

I was with a boy recently, not going out but together. I was completly myself around him becuase i thought if hes gonaa stick around he might aswell know the real me. But hes so wierd. Really good looking and out going. So cuddly never stops cuddling me and touching me =] we could laugh together about everything.

His friends told me he'll never get a girlfriend and i just said look no chance i wanted a boyfriend. Then I was told by one of his bestfriends that my guy fuked another chik. I was outraged. I confronted him and he got so upset and angry and swore it was a lye. I believed him and about 1 month later i find out it was true. I told him he was a lyer and never talk to me again.

why would he do this seriously when everyone said to me ive never seen him be like this with a girl before EVER. He still denys it and wont apologise becuase he recons he didnt do it.

Do you think i should just tell him to get stuffed and not talk to him

teach me how to treat boys so they stay interested, is the whole treat them mean keep them keen thing true??

thermis thermis
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 15, 2009

MMM I see where your coming from i really do but the thing is he stated clearly to me that he would be really hurt if i was "friendly" with anyone else. And he also swore on my life that he didnt screw this other girl and i believed him. But turned out he lyed to my face.<br />
<br />
Your right in saying I didnt know were i stood but he didnt know were he stood with me either. But if hes telling me he doesnt want me hooking up with other guys then how is it different for him??<br />
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I dont care about him anymore though its just the situation at angers me, I cant hold onto a guy..<br />
what factors about a woman gives a guy that forever feeling??